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Santini in the Heart of Europe

Perhaps no other artistic work has gone down in history so deeply in the appearance of the Czech lands as the baroque architecture. Works of the baroque architects enrich the resemblance of our towns and villages and give the landscape an original rhythm and harmony. The architect Jan Santini Aichl belongs among the personalities who markedly surpassed the horizon of their time. These pages have been dedicated to his personality and work. The authors thank all the people who have provided their records and data, first of all Prof. PhDr. Mojmir Horyna for his profound sources of enlightenment.

The information and the texts on these pages are only in outline and can be complemented and extended following your personal experience and knowledge. The contents should be just as varied and meaningful as the work of Jan Santini Aichl.

Events Calendar

  • 14.12.2014  Želiv
    Zmizelí sousedé
    14. 12. 2014 - 28. 2. 2015 Židovské muzeum v Praze za podpory o. s. Zapomenutí uvádějí v želivském klášteře výstavu k poctě dětským obětem holokaustu. Zahájení výstavy se uskuteční 14. 12. ve 14 hodin.
  • 19. 12. 2014  Kladruby
    Vánoční koncert.
    Koncert v klášterním kostele. Začátek v 18:00 hod.
  • 21. 12. 2014  Kladruby
    Cavalla - vánoční koncert
    Koncert v klášterním kostele. Začátek v 15:00 hod.
  • 26. 12. 2014  Kladruby
    Oživený betlém
    Divadlo na nádvoří kláštera. Začátek ve 12:00 hod.
  • 26. 12. 2014  Želiv
    Živý betlém
    Konání akce: 13 až 16 hod.
  • 26. 12. 2014  Želiv
    Česká mše svatá
    Jana Jakuba Ryby začíná v 15:00 hod.
  • Your questions

    • [01.07.2011] diana Calvert, England
      Is there a book in English on Santini?
      Having studied the available literature, we are concerned to state a debt towards English speaking readers. Except for several articles and encyclopaedic items, www.santini.cz remains the best information source. The forthcoming big monograph due for publication in New York will be probably very, very delayed.


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